This I Believe Audio Essay

Topic Proposal:

I believe that social media will eventually destroy interpersonal communication, face-to-face contact, and genuine human interaction. Yes, I do see the irony in this as I am writing a blog post on a social media platform, but give me a break. Though social media does have a number of good uses, I do believe that because of how new this technology is to our culture we have yet to create any type of etiquette to decide when it is, and is not appropriate to check Facebook, scroll through Instagram, or even take a super cute selfie for our Snapchat story. I can recall numerous times where a friend tunes out mid-conversation to look at pictures of sleeping puppies, or a family member drifts towards the corner of a party to text someone in the same room as them, or even when someone sitting in the movie theater mindlessly scans Twitter, missing out on a movie that they paid $15 dollars for. What I’m getting at is that we are missing out on life, what is sitting right in front of us, just to feed an addiction, create a false sense of self for the entire world to see, and cope with social-anxiety by feeling a false sensation of interaction on a secondary platform.

I will demonstrate this strong belief of mine through scientific studies, personal stories, and the atrocities that I’ve seen from afar. I have broken away from this life-sucking addiction by ridding myself of all social media, and, to be honest, I believe that I am living a much better life without it. Instead of stopping in my tracks to capture an “interesting picture”, I tell the story to friends or family. Instead of videotaping an entire concert to share with my Facebook “friends”, I take in every moment of that John Mayer concert so I can relive it in my memories forever. But, I’m not perfect. I was once plugged-in to 5+ social media websites at one time, later finding myself losing 3 or more hours of my life scrolling aimlessly through content I cared very little about. I believe we can all go off the grid and live better, happier lives. I will have completed most, if not all of my research for this project by Monday, February 12th, then later completing my script by the following Monday, February 19th. Finally, by the end of the weekend of February 25th I will have finished recording my podcast, then immediately after I will edit the recording to create a finished product. I will then be ready to turn in my recording for a final grade.